Mandatory Leader Training

Many organizations implement surveys to see “how they are doing?” Scouting is no exception. From time to time, questions and answers vary, but there is one answer to a particular question that rarely differs.

The question-“Why did your family leave Scouting?”

The leading response- “the meetings were boring or unorganized.”

In these times when families have multiple choices for their children to participate, retaining youth is vital.

To help us achieve more valuable programs for families and in turn, retain more youth, the Executive Board, with guidance from the Council Training Committee has passed a training mandate to begin on January 1, 2023.

In the first step of getting all leaders trained, all “Top Leaders” must be fully trained in their position to be rechartered. That means all Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Venture Advisors and Skipper’s must be fully trained for their position by the next charter period. If they are not, they must be replaced by another leader. While this will be the only mandate for 2023, we encourage leaders of all positions to be fully trained.

All those units who currently have a fully trained “Top Leader” are listed after this article. If a top leader of a unit not listed believes they are fully trained, they should submit information of when and where they completed the training to the attention of their district training chair.

District Training Chairs
Abnaki District: Chris Fox
Kennebec Valley District: Joe Poulin
Casco Bay and York Districts should contact Karen Norton

To be fully trained for your position, see the courses you need to take here.

Training is a tool for leaders to be more comfortable and knowledgeable in their position. Ultimately, we owe it to the Scouts to provide the best program possible. Even if only a small portion of knowledge is taken away from a training, it can help make the difference in a Scout’s life.

Units with Fully Trained Top Leaders

Updated August 5, 2022

This represents the top unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, Ship Skipper) on your current charter.  If you are changing your top leader on your new charter for 2023, the new top leader needs to be fully trained for your unit to recharter. 


Pack 109
Pack 111
Pack 116
Pack 130
Pack 139
Pack 145
Pack 187

Troop 109
Troop 110
Troop 111
Troop 130
Troop 187
Troop 187
Troop 621
Troop 2019

Casco Bay

Pack 12
Pack 22
Pack 39
Pack 47
Pack 70
Pack 85
Pack 87
Pack 97
Pack 156
Pack 315
Pack 648
Pack 874

Troop 30
Troop 35
Troop 39
Troop 45
Troop 51
Troop 73
Troop 84
Troop 87
Troop 93
Troop 648
Troop 805
Troop 875

Ship 243

Kennebec Valley

Pack 200
Pack 410
Pack 428
Pack 495
Pack 585
Pack 654
Pack 672
Pack 684

Troop 200
Troop 254
Troop 401
Troop 433
Troop 454
Troop 497
Troop 546
Troop 604
Troop 613
Troop 622
Troop 631
Troop 647
Troop 654
Troop 672

Crew 7
Crew 2713


Pack 313
Pack 316
Pack 349
Pack 350
Pack 355

Troop 307
Troop 308
Troop 310
Troop 312
Troop 313
Troop 320
Troop 327
Troop 329
Troop 329
Troop 330
Troop 349
Troop 371

Crew 327