Memorial and Tribute Gifts

A gift to the Pine Tree Council as a Memorial or Tribute is a thoughtful way to express respect and sincere affection for a loved one, admired peer or acquaintance, or an organization.

Memorial Gifts may be made to honor the departed’s appreciation for the Scouting program or their service to the movement. Some families may choose to request donations to the Pine Tree Council Memorial Fund in lieu of flowers to honor their loved one with a lasting investment in Scouting.

Tribute Gifts may be made to congratulate an individual on a personal milestone or achievement, such as an anniversary, receipt of an award, or a graduation. Tribute gifts may also be made to acknowledge the good work of an organization or club.

James E. West Fellowship

The James E. West Fellowship is a national recognition for individuals who contribute $1,000 or more in cash or securities to these local council endowment fund. This contribution is in addition to and does not diminish or replace a donor’s annual gift to the council’s Friend of Scouting campaign. Organization or individuals may also contribute an award in honor of someone. The award is presented with a certificate, a lapel pin and a uniform square knot. 

For more information or to make a gift, please contact the Pine Tree Council office.