Camp Hinds offers a beautiful setting for your OKPIK adventure. It’s location on Panther Pond in Raymond, Maine is ideally suited for this exciting winter camping program. Your trip begins at our lodge, where you will spend Friday night before packing your winter gear onto a sled (or “pulk”) and then head out into the wilderness to spend 1-2 nights! You will learn how to set up a winter campsite, how to build a snow shelter and how to cook meals at low temperatures. In addition, you will get to try out a full array of winter activities.

OKPIK Maine offers:

  • Backpacking style trail food
  • Trained OKPIK guides to accompany your crew
  • Hundreds of acres at and around Camp Hinds in Raymond, Maine
  • Cold weather first aid and camping training
  • Sleds, skies, snowshoes and other cold weather camping gear is provided
  • Emergency Radio communication
  • Shower facility in our heated lodge
  • OKPIK Trading Post

Shelter Building
Learn to build your own quinzee or thermal shelter out of snow and natural materials. A quinzee will remain at a cozy 25 degrees even when the temperature outside is far below zero!

The original method of travel in the Maine woods, snow-shoeing is still a fun and efficient way to get where you need to go in the snow! Miles of scenic trails allow all abilities to enjoy Maine’s beauty.

Our trail meals are designed for ease of preparation and cleanup using backpacking stoves. An abundant variety of high calorie food will keep you warm all weekend!


January 28-30, 2022

Camp Hinds