Camp Hinds Project Assistance

Many who attend week long camp and other events at Camp Hinds have expressed interest in helping with projects around camp.  Here is a list of those projects that may take little or no expertise. 

For those of you with specific skills (carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc.), there are additional projects where your talents would be appreciated. 

Please use the form on this page to let us know the project you may have interest in completing, or if you have more advanced skills, and someone will contact you.

Project List

Messer Training Center
  • Burn wood pile in field.
  • Relocate building materials from the field.
  • Clean up around the maintenance barn.
  • Paint west side of TC building.
  • Clean up the east side of the TC under the power lines.
  • Paint small tool shed and fix door.
  • Create better access to barn attic.
Plains Road to Cadigan Cabin
  • Cut back a few of the trees at the entrance/exit to camp for better line of sight.
  • Remove wood pallets and other materials from tree line.
  • Tree work around Tabor.
  • Clean “area” across from Cadigan.
  • Replace / fix broken speed limit sign.
  • Put up Camp Hinds sign near parking lot, currently on ground at shotgun range.
Dining Hall Area


  • Build “enclosure” around the dumpsters.
  • Outside bathroom-clean and make usable.


  • Clean and paint kitchen and restroom floors.
  • Fix the transition strip at door one to DH from kitchen.
  • Fix cabinet doors on drink station.
  • Replace title floor that is cracked.
  • Fix table and benches that are unstable.
  • Trim back trees on trails to and around the elements.
  • Remove 2 large trees that have been hit by lightning.
Council Ring
  • Cut back area behind fire ring, clean out wood and debris.
  • Stack wood on pallets in a neat fashion off to the side.
Boating Area
  • Replace buddy board.
  • Replace damaged handrails on stairway.
Main Beach
  • Replace both buddy boards.
  • Replace damaged handrails.
West Beach
  • Rework the boardwalk the has shifted .
  • Fix the lifeguard chair.
Health Lodge


  • Paint.
  • Clean up debris around building.


  • Paint.
  • Build area for camper’s meds.
  • Replace plywood for the pull-down stairway.
Rec Hall
  • Replace outlet behind Coke machine.
Staff Buildings, Campsites, Trails
  • Pine Tree Cabin: Paint, roof repair, clean around area.
  • Clays need to be cleaned off the ground.
  • Building roofs swept.
  • Latrines cleaned and painted.
  • Fire rings cleaned out.
  • Trails reclaimed.
  • Remove old Information box at main parking lot.
  • Beautify entrance to Tenny parking.
  • Install safety sign at Tenny parking “report to office”.
  • Camp tool collection and inventory.

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